25 August 2014

Places we've been and people we've seen.

When we were downtown the other day, here are some things that didn't distract Banksy: Buses, the homeless guy with a giant snake, a guy laying on the sidewalk feeding his cat out of a giant tupperware, the lady balancing a big bag on her head, the bad singing mandolin guy, the bad singing guitar guy, the non singing harmonica guy, a guy in full bondage gear pushing a mail cart, numerous yappy yorkies, and numerous grizzled outdoors folk with various dogs and pushable wagons of stuff.

The blowing leaves and shadows, though, now those were distracting.

And Otterpop would like you to know that even though Banksy doesn't get it that Urban Outfitters is totally 90's and is pretty much just a Gap with saucier underpants at this point, she does, and she would never, ever shop there.

There's been a lot of this. Banksy has learned to stay in the group, no leash, no long line. This makes us all very happy. I still grab her if we see deer. And we have now verified, she does look exactly like the local forest coyotes, and so far has not tried to chase a coyote. And I think is now bigger than a coyote at an unofficial 17 3/4" tall.

Currently,and somewhat inexplicably, Gustavo is all super chill agility guy. He gets very little training, him and Ruby are kind of the easy dogs that get my short end of the attention stick right now. At this moment in time and no guarantees of any future moments in time, he is running super fast and not doing anything bizarre. He's all, Table! Poles! Teeters! He had many Q's recently and won shit. Just all, no big. Let's do it. It would be awesome if this trend continues through next weekend's Regional, and even into Nationals, but I am cool if it doesn't.

Because, Gustavo! Hola!

I did get him a fan for his x-pen at the dog show. I think he likes sitting in front of the fan. So he's one of those little fan-dogs now. His little hairs blow in the breeze and he squints his little man eyes and looks very content with his little fan. And we have learned Banksy does best LEFT IN THE CAR at the dog show.

Yeah for reals. Dog shows are VERY EXCITING. What with the dog agility AND blowing leaves and dust specks all in one place. Adding laying around in an x-pen is just too much right now. Baby steps. So car it is.

But can I tell you how awesome she is? She is wild and she is sweet and she is pretty much the bestest puppy I could ever imagine. We are working like heck on the hypervigilant super duper transfixing of eyeballs and brain cells on the dust specks or whatever it is she has to watch all the time. We are Dr. Karen Overall Relaxation Protocalling it. Leaving it. Redirecting and brain remorphing and it's a work in progress. But when she's not staring, holy smokes. Banksy is awesome.

There are stays and jump bumps right now. A LOT of circle work. Focus forward. Super chill grooming and restraining with the dremel on and touching her feet and nail clippers on nails. Nose touches down the stairs. No leash or long line out in the woods anymore. And our good friend Dr. Karen Overall's Relaxation Proclamation many, many times per day. And the rule is, don't bring the waterbowl into your dog bed. Ever. EVER, Banksy!

We did have a week of crate rest after a couple days of dreaded sore shoulder. Shiver my timbers, I hope it doesn't come back. Puppies on crate rest is something everybody should try at least once in your life! Ha! We are hoping that once is all we have to do with that one.

Otterpop is just taken for granted. Can I tell you who is 24/7 by my side and guides the puppy through the sidewalk hordes of day laborers without skipping a beat? Prances by the gutter kids and their pitbulls without a second glance? Shows Banksy how to lay down and just lay there til you're supposed to be done laying there, even if it's in the car repair shop? Has been spotted eating the neighbor's catfood? Was the only one who woke up with me for the earthquake the other night? Otterpop, weirdly, has turned into a super steady, well behaved, rock solid, good dog. Wow. Otterpop may have given up agility, but gets a super big gold star for everything else. Thank you Otterpop.

And Ruby is taking a nap. And gets the most treats. So hi! Hope to see you soon.


Terry A said...

i continue to love, love, love your training adventures. working with the dog you have, great role modeling.

Ali said...

The 'fan dog' bit made me laugh! Keep up the good work!