09 July 2014

Stuff we did while Gustavo is having his sore foot.

Banksy still fits into Gustavo's secret lair. I can't tell  you where this is. It's a secret. But she manages to squish in there with him so that even if his sore foot is really sore, he has a pal in there with him. Buddy system. I'm not sure how she fits in there, I guess her bones are still floppy like a muppet's and she flattens into a pancake.

The problem with his foot is a septic infection on a toe knuckle joint. Ouch. There's probably something in there, maybe a pin point of a foxtail or a little seed. Who knows. Something tiny got in and it's hurting his foot a lot. He's getting antibiotics and I'm trying to soak it loads so maybe it just blurps out. Nobody wants to go in and pull something teensy out of a teensy dog's little joint. So he is staying home a lot in his lair. Don't tell him we've gone without him up to the forest. Poor Gustavo. Feel better soon!

Banksy has lots to do. She has many assistant trainers at work and her social schedule is filling up rapidly. She went to her first puppy foundation class. I think she did brilliantly! She's also going to a regular old puppy training class this weekend to practice more focus during distractions. Distractions! Dust! Balls! Everything! We are piecing together her formal education whenever I have a free moment. And practicing and playing every chance we get. Right now she wants to learn a new trick every single night. I think she has almost as many tricks as Otterpop now. She's a crazy trick machine!

There's my friend Grifter. Hi Grifter! I am carefully not moving my arms. Be very, very careful with your arms when you run Grifter or he may shoot off like a rocket. We have a lot of decel homework to do. I am very glad I get to run him, and when Gwen's sore leg feels good enough to run, maybe he'll have learned a teensy bit. He's very fun to run, and keeps me on my toes. Literally. There's no flat footing it when Grifter's running, that's for sure.


Jodi,eh? said...

The picture of the two of them in Gustavo's lair makes me want to hug them, or anyone, for that matter.

team small dog said...

I feel very, very lucky that Banksy is such a sweet dog, and blended right into team small dog. Or else she's just waiting with Gooey in his lair so that the minute his foot doesn't hurt anymore he can start playing with her again.