07 July 2014

Banksy is 5 months old, and all trash cans are possessed with evil.

A list of things that totally freaked out Banksy this week:
A ceramic pitcher on the table.
Every single identical trash can on our block.
Not every single identical trash can on the next block.
An old riding helmet hanging on the wall.
Otterpop barking.

Border collies are weird.

Gustavo hurt his foot! So much that he had to go to the doctor to see if the bone was broken. Not broken! But weird. I am been holding out on the foxtail theory but she did send samples of the weird swelling off to cytology to make sure it is not something possessed with evil. So far Banksy isn't freaking out at Gustavo's foot. Yet.

Between fourth of july fireworks and a sad, shaved, hurt foot, Gustavo is one sad Gustavo and spending a lot of time in his lair. His sad lair. Everyone wave at Gustavo. Oh, wait. You can't see him. He's been burrowed in his lair for 4 days. He'll be out when his foot feels better. At least all the fireworks should be finished by now.

Dog show weekend. No dog show for Gustavo. I ran Grifter, there were some good moments but many completely insane moments. He is like running a ginormous rocket powered airplane that lands about 40 feet away from every jump. We have been working on this but he is also like a ginormous rocket powered airplane that goes cuckoo insane at dog shows, so when he's over the top like that, he doesn't really turn. He gets many oohs and ahs when he runs because he is very, very, very fast and when we do ok, it is spectacular. But also pretty spectacular when we do crazy terrible too, in that train wreck ship wreck auto wreck style.

Also Banksy busted out of an xpen, busted into a whippet party, and tried to eat her BFF Kirk's face due to the super fluffy toy that the other puppy had. Oh yeah. I am totally in adolescent border collie land. Early! Many, many puppies at the dog show. Puppies are the new black in dog agility land. None of them escaped into a ring! Although a couple of breathtaking near misses. Banksy has a new speed. She can make it to WAY OVER THERE really, really, really fast. Like before your eye blinks. It is SUPER SCARY! It is like that star trek machine that scrambles your molecules to teleport you moves her WAY OVER THERE!  It is good I'm learning to run Grifter in case she ever learns how to do agility because possibly her speed will be horrifying.

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Anonymous said...

You never know what might pop out of trash cans, like Jack in the box!

I'm an jealous of the Banksy light colored face and blue eyes for photographs! I've had black tri dogs and their little brown eyebrows kinda fudged for eyes. Now I have black faced Border Collie that I take pictures and he is eyeless! Frustrating!