05 June 2014

Gustavo has a new job.

Gustavo is now a couch dog at work.

At home, his new job is puppy's best friend. This new job has ensured complete chaos and mayhem in my living room. I am down with the mayhem. Puppy needed a friend. And one wild and crazy friend she got.

At work though, the dogs need to chill. Banksy and Ruby work out best as partners in the dog pen, Ruby has endless patience and is good at sharing chewies and bones. And she likes to nap. She's the kind of roommate you want your puppy to hang out with. A good influence, Sister Mary Ruby is. Which meant Gustavo needed a new hang out spot. Why not the couch?

He has a fan club. He gets dragged around on little walks a lot. There is training. I heard that he learned to sit this week! There are cookies! Couches! I got him his own little furry bed. Gustavo's life may have changed when I brought him home a border collie puppy, but I think he's thinking it's not so bad anymore. Happy Gooey is back!

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