30 April 2014

Will the real Banksy please stand up?

OK, right, here we go. This is fast because there's a border collie puppy in my kitchen who thinks all water bowls are waterpalooza and she can jump very, very high.

Bullet point list:

Bullet one: Indianapolis. My friend Debbie from LA just moved there to live with some other old friends.

Bullet two: Puppy.

Bullet three: NRA convention! My Indianapolis contingent! Puppy helpers galore!

Bullet four: Airplane. Puppy. NRA convention attendees! Who love puppies. Airport. Puppy. Airport. Puppy. Airport. Puppy. Airplane! Shuttle Bus! Car! Puppy.

Bullet five: Puppy puppy puppy! I may have mentioned once or twice to, like everybody I know, my puppy is the smartest, fastest, coolest, wildest, sweetest puppy out there. They all yawn and are like, "Duh, Laura, she's a border collie."

Not a bullet, public service announcement time out break: Oh shit. She is also super creative! The kitchen is now puppy land of flying toys bouncing balls water park stuff careening every which way. Enter at your own risk. Puppy!

Bullet six: Tricks. Toys. Running. Tricks. Toys. Running. Balls! Tuggies! Running! Sleep. Tricks. Toys. Running. Tricks. Toys. Running. Balls! Tuggies! Running!

What does everybody think?

Gary thinks she is awesome and can't wait til she can play ball with him without drawing blood and eating his pants legs.

Otterpop is weirdly blase. I think she believes that she's some borrowed agility dog and will probably go away soon. Although, she tends to get along with border collies because they look at the toy and not her. Otterpop has been coming with us on all our play sessions at work (work? who is getting any work done when you need to run around with your puppy!) and is kind of cool with the whole thing. I caught her laying outside puppy's crate at the ranch yesterday. I think she may secretly like the puppy.

Ruby likes puppies. She's cool. Also the puppy means many chewies! Big chewies, chewies as far as the eyes can smell! A whole new world of chewies.

Gustavo thinks the puppy should go home now. We are taking walks together, me him and puppy. We all go outside, me him and puppy. We are taking it slow. He would like to sit on my lap and have me pet him while he uses psychic waves to make the puppy fly away on an airplane back to Indiana. Maybe it will take a long time. I'm not worried. Gustavo does things at his own rate of speed. He just thought that he was the puppy. And now his puppy throne is overthrown. With a puppy.

What does the puppy think? I think she is very, very happy. I can't think of anything right now that would make this puppy unhappy. She lives in happy, happy puppy joy joy land. I don't think she's actually a member of team small dog, but maybe she can grow up to be their somewhat larger than small mascot.

Everybody raise your glass. Or your arm. Or your hand if you have any questions. Or whatever. Welcome Banksy!


Agility Foot said...

Sweet, sweet,sweet. Dripping with sweetness.

Agility Foot said...
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Mary said...

Glass is raised.

Tori Self said...

She's lovely. Banksy. PUPPY!! omg.

Erika said...

Super adorable! Puppies are so fun!! Zoom Zoom! Welcome Bansky!

kiwichick said...

She is very cute. congrats!

Terry A said...

makes me smile big to hear how thrilled you sound, to see what a naughty, sparkling little puppy you have and think the name is perfect!

Terry said...
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Terry said...

Who is the breeder? Do they have website? If you don't mind me asking. We are near there and my son plans to get a 2nd dog soon.

Brittany said...

Congrats on your lovely new puppy. Looking forward to hearing about your many new adventures :-)

Unknown said...


And how dang adorable can she be?

And you know you can never post too many pics.

Unknown said...


And how dang adorable can she be?

And you know you can never post too many pics.

Joan said...

Can't wait to meet her! She is so cute!

team small dog said...

The breeder is a young woman near Indianapolis. This was her first litter she has bred. I think it was a pretty special litter. She doesn't have any plans for another one, she was just really trying to make some nice border collies.

Karissa said...

I really enjoyed watching this litter on Facebook and can't wait to see this special little girl grow up with you! All of these puppies have amazing futures ahead of them. If my house wasn't way over the limit already I would have been fighting for one! Congrats!

talesofmyboys said...

I've been watching this litter on FB so it is fun that you got one! Banksy is adorable. Welcome to the Blue Dog group. :-)

Anonymous said...

cuteness wildness insanity puppy.
whatever. nevermind.
nevermind and whatever don't work so good with puppy. enjoy!!!!!

Terry said...

Thanks anyway. She is adorable. Excited to be able to watch you grow together.