06 January 2014

We are going to try a do-over of the New Years this week.

We are going to try a do-over of the New Years this week. Last week, we lost a great horse. That is all I would like to say about that. This week, we will just try to have another new start.

Here are some good things that we will consider instead.

When you put kale in the juicer, smoosh it up real good. Also never, ever forget to push the top in the juicer or forget to put the little pitcher underneath the spout. The colors of vegetables, when pulverized to smithereens, is bright and dense and more brilliant and profuse that you might imagine. When sprayed across kitchens, the effect is fantastic and spellbinding to watch, it is almost as if in slow motion as the juice explodes with it's color across the ceiling and walls. But then, perhaps, a problem.

I have been running a very fast 26" jumping dog of a friend who finds herself somewhat incapacitated. He is a border collie with no collection. Not unlike Gustavo, except this dog is about 50 million times faster and known to hit a bar or two. And has not a lot of self preservation. My challenge is, can I make this better? Without damaging either of us. We are trying. In the privacy of her yard, many things are going good. We are extremely not ready for primetime. But we both have a good time.

There is a chocolate maker whose shop is just zero point six miles from our house. His chocolates sell for grand piles of money across the world due to their high acclaim. They are made with the finest liquors and gold and ingredients imported from exotic rainforests and deserts by hand and foot, the vanilla carried out from secret a Tahitian island in a tiny jeweled box which was sealed for freshness by silk ribbons and mongrammed sealing waxes and sailed across the sea to his shop in a private chartered yacht. Where he then sifts it into the chocolate. Eventually, the exquisite chocolates find themselves planted squarely on my ass.

We have been carving out a lot of time for walking. We have been doing exactly zero training. Except for whistling everyone in periodically for a moment where the forest is dense, then releasing everyone back out and off we go. We are a little bit feral right now. This week is back to some agility. So perhaps this will change. Perhaps it won't.

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Anonymous said...

When I read "known to hit a bar or two" I thought on the way to agility to loosen up or after to decompress?

But then I remembered, this is an agility blog.

I ran my BC Kira at her first trial (NADAC) in three events. One Q and one jumpers with 110 course faults! I wonder what the maximum possible is?