10 December 2013

When the temperature takes a chill.

This is ice. All week there has been ice. It's a cold wind blowing over everything, and all the time is a big chill. Makes everything look blue, under the freeze, even in the sun it's cold. Pipes burst. Things die. Eventually stuff will emerge when it all unfreezes.

Here's what we do, here by the beach. Just go along your day. Just live in amazement at the fact of ice. We hiked at dawn over the weekend in 20 something degrees. I wore more jackets, the dogs kept running, just went more fast. Nobody cared much. Life goes on. Practiced our agility yesterday out on the sunshine edges of the frozen field, don't always need contacts and things that are coated in ice.

Ice and freezing is a weird change of pace. Wouldn't be the way I would do things, to have it all the time, but it's not the end of the world. I am not one to go get the muthatrucken longest extension cord in the world and arm myself with hairdryer, just to stay warm. I am more one to just put on some more mittens and see what we can do with it. I add jackets, and my hats never match. Passive resistance, I suppose. We just try to stay moving. Can't nobody control the weather.

Unless you are the Cassadines. In Port Charles. In General Hospital. And you built the weather machine. And you can do whatever you want. Because it's a giant ray gun in your castle. And you are an asshat. Screw you and your weather machine. But aside from that, can't control it. So we just stay moving.

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