15 December 2013

Anna Eifert Seminar in San Jose.

We had the best fun ever this weekend in the Anna Eifert seminar in San Jose. Anna is from Hungary, and is an amazingly patient teacher and awesome agility handler.

We are tired. We ran a lot. Gustavo was great, he did nothing but run his very best all weekend. Little guy never put a foot wrong. I did. A lot. Anna was very patient every time my brain went backwards and helped us figure out the secrets to a good German turn (GO! GO! GO!). She modified our K-turns into J-turns (a Jaakko turn is like a Ketschker turn but you use your front cross hand instead of a backwards hand). And we learned a new one, the Lap turn, (you almost let your dog sit in your lap, do a little wrist rotation, and voila. Tight little turn in an awkward spot. Makes me think about Lapland reindeer.).

A lot of blind crosses. Everywhere. Gustavo loves this stuff. This is our thing. I think he would like trials in Europe way better than the ones here. So much spin and go! I bet he would like teeters there too. He sure liked the one at the indoor agility place where we had the seminar.

We have a long way to go to improve our international handling skills. Not too many places to use them here except in MC classes. Which are our favorites. This is our favorite thing though. Bring on the challenges. We are ready. Sort of. Gustavo is. I have to practice a lot more.


Anonymous said...

do all these slick and graceful new moves mean that you have broken up with your agility boyfriend?
cause if you have, i don't think Gustavo misses him...
you guys look awesome!

team small dog said...

Me and Robert Downey Jr are totally still really good friends. We just moved our separate ways. We drifted apart a year or so ago, I told him it wasn't him, it was me. Many things that Anna helped us with were very intuitive for someone like us who had such a specific handling style and has always been a stickler for this arm vs. that one.

Gustavo couldn't be happier. He just likes me to run fast and show him where to go as early as possible, so this stuff works really good for him.