29 December 2013

Hello and did you survive Xmas, as if I care, a Story by Otterpop.


Liz said...

the public art is growing! Love it.

also love the human faces in the car. cracked me up.

happy new year.

Anonymous said...

we had xmas in the bedroom, too. ours also included walks by the river and 4000+ miles of driving and two thirds of an agility trial and a new puppy that can out-howl any dog on the planet and sylvia videos waiting at the post office that does not open till noon, the contents of which will eliminate the puppy howling. or take the edge off it. maybe.
merry new year to TSD!

Mary said...

Did you bogart the music machine controls in the car? What if you had let Otterpop choose the incarceration music? Are you like Red in Orange is the New Black and change the channel every time Otterpop wants to listen her music? Music starvation! Can she use the new juicer to make lotion of most horrible chola cactus for your foot? How is your foot? Otterpop music! Crush the world!

team small dog said...

happy new years, my friends!
Mary, today I made juice of kale, cucumber, cilantro, carrots, one apple and celery. It was very green. It would work on feet. Maybe it will fix my foot. Otterpop has been listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC from the 1940's. There is something wrong with her.
Let us survive the end of 2013 and let us begin another year. xox Laura