15 November 2013

Nobody especially loves the Stay.

If you were a computer spy and looked into my pictures section of my computer, you would see about a million photos of dogs. A lot of them look like this. Probably not what computer spy was looking for.

Everybody sitting there, or standing there, or laying there. Nobody looks especially joyousness, because just a minute before there was awesome running and sticks and so forth. Then the lady says the Stay. Then they have to stay there. Then the stupid boring camera comes out.

And the lady fiddles with the buttons and it isn't working and the light is funny and it takes a long time and all because of the lady everybody is still sitting there in the stupid Stay. It's just stupid. It is interrupting the good stuff. Full dumb ass suckage. But sometimes you have to do what the lady says because, goddamn. The lady is the leader. Sure. Maybe there's a cookie some of the time at the end, but everything was better before the Stay.

This is harder to take a good picture of, what this looks like. My camera is a shitty, little one that spends it's life bouncing around in my sloppy purse or the backpack or the pocket with old cookies and post-its and baggies and twigs. It likes to picture you close up and not moving. That's it's shitty little preference. But this is the part, where everybody out there doing their own thing in order to feel, Right On of Excellence, that is actually, the most important part. This part comes after the Stay, too. Usually.

That is a fact of which we hope on. Every single time.


Sobaka said...

I've always been very impressed with your ability to get everyone to stay, all at the same time, next to each other. The photos are definitely worth it. I love them all, the stay and the non-stay.

Jodi, eh? said...

I like the focused stay shots and the blurry fun shots, together they tell us a little story about what TSD is up to. You sure know how to tell a story.