17 November 2013

Dam team, damn team. Damn. Team.

Sunset over the garbage bags at the dog show.

We went to a Team trial this weekend in Morgan Hill. Along with everybody else in California, I think. One big ass, mothertrucking godzilla of a dog show. Where did everybody come from? It was like a regional packed into 2 days. Except with extra added dance fever. And a lot of bags of trash. I went home with classes still running into my bedtime.

Otterpop ran in one class, one class only. It's been a while. For some reason, I thought I heard her say she wanted to do a gamblers, so I stuck her in one, hooray for old skool Otterpop. Otterpop busted out the fast running, nailed the gamble and earned lots of points, no problem. Left me flat footed on the startline, she was barking and off she went. Me and Otterpop were super happy about this fact. Back in the day, vintage Otterpop, super gambling queen. Next time she wants to do a run, I will enter her. One is enough for her. Not every show. She is picky. But when Otterpop is on, Otterpop is awesome.

Gustavo was on a team with 2 of our friends and their 26" dogs. They are good competitors. They were generous to team with us. We all tried hard. I think we are all still friends. Gustavo had many good runs, he won Team Jumpers and came in 2nd in Team Gamblers. Both his rounds of steeplechase were blazing.

There was a little problem with the teeter totter though, namely in a no way, not a doing it this weekend. Which is a bit of a problem in terms of the whole team spirit vibe. Team is really, really fun, except for when you are the team member who screws up. Gustavo is not a good team player when he can't get near a mandatory piece of equipment. He was able to touch it with his feet twice, and acted as if electrocuted. His runs were great, if I could have just spliced before the teeter and after the teeter together, it was rad, speedy Gustavo who can do no wrong.

Unfortunately in team, not doing teeters is a very bad thing. We just missed a team Q, although his feral snooker run, the only real and forgettable stinker of a run this weekend, also had something to do with that. Such is life. We let our team down, by having teeter totter free runs. There is a pretty good chance he won't be running in the Nationals this year, which is basically in my back yard. If I lived on a giant estate and it took an hour to drive across my yard. There are no team Qs and Masters Challenge Standard Qs and Grand Prix Qs without teeter totters. There's no black market in extra Steeplechase and MC Jumpers Qs for the ones that need the teeter.

I am happy he's running so good, if you just cover your hand over your eyes at the part where the teeter comes in. He loves him some steeplechase and jumpers. He always runs fast as hell. The weave pole disease went away as quickly as it came during the summer. He loves sitting ringside and hanging out, happily marches up to his startline, something Otterpop never, ever wanted to do. I can't get mad at him when he's afraid to go up on that teeter. I sure wish I could help him not be so afraid but it is what it is. We try and we practice. He sure loves him some teeter totter when we practice. And every so often he busts one out in a dog show, just a couple of months ago he did this and won Grand Prix.

This used to drive me crazy. I'm able to shrug it off now, and keep on moving. I move pretty fast. So does Gustavo. It's what we like to do.

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