23 September 2013

Brought to you by your friendly, neighborhood, Big big big big big big box store.

Otterpop is giving this soulful look from the frozen foods section at Costco, because her soul has been ripped from her furry little shit smelling throat.

She climbs up to the top of made in China faux fur children's vests, located just across from the multi boxes of lightbulbs, batteries, and toilet bowl cleaners, to declare defeat.

Three Cheers for Costco, the team screams with Joy.

Then over to the cases of cereal, toilet paper, vitamin enhanced waters, and socks, trying to look for the Christmas wrapping papers and plastic trees.

Gustavo has been working on his photoshoot skills. Deep within the bowels of Costco, getting Gustavo to look at the camera is not easy. I was offering free samples of mozzerella balls with pizza sauce in little paper cups shaped like little hats, but he is still watching stacks of Kirkland brand umbrellas and festive rain boots and winter jackets for just 49.99 intently. Don't move! Lest be crushed by the boxes of silverware and tin foil! Stay still little buddy, and nobody gets hurt.


Anonymous said...

i notice there are no comments. what more could we say?!
cute pictures tho.

Sobaka said...

Yes, you said it all, and brilliantly. Great photos, as always.