15 April 2013

One of these things is not like the other.

What your running dogwalk should look like:

La handler is confidently peeling off into the lethal turny line that ends at the end of the field which is the finish line and also a spread jump, knowing that her dog is going to hit his contact beautifully according to what we like to call, Criteria.

She is not worried at all about the 90 degree angle turn off the bottom of it.

Her most excellently trained dog's head is down and he's heading as fast as he can to the bottom.

Excellent sideways looking running to watch your dog hit that contact as you peel off to run down that turny line because Nancy once said "Every single person on the World Team always makes sure their dog hits their contact every single time even when they're practicing," in regards to, perhaps, your question, Uh, Did He Hit That?

What your running dogwalk might really look like:

You are running with arms in the panic position. I believe that this is also known as Ballerina Position Number Two.

Dog's head is up and he is sticking out his tongue. I am not sure why the sticking out his tongue. It is easy to see this because of the attractive porta potty background.

You are growing new forehead wrinkles just thinking about getting down that twisty turny line without a spectacular wreck. It's hard to see with this photo.

Ugh. See them now? Gustavo has them too. I am not sure why he has forehead wrinkles. But check out that tongue!

That shirt is totally unflattering and sleeves way too long.

These are from a club practice a few weeks back. He hit the contacts. But I worry about these, we don't practice them enough, especially with the scary turns. We practiced a lot of dogwalks today, and a lot of hard, turny, twisy bits afterwards. Perfect practice makes something. Something, something, gray hair? Hope you have as fun of a practice as we did today. Work on those gnarly dogwalk endings!

Photo credits, thanks Lisa P!

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jodi, eh? said...

My dog comes off the side of the dog walk sometimes. It must be because I wear my t-shirts with the arms to long too.