30 March 2013

Sticks lashed to each other to form a sign of a cross.

Happy Easter! Is this the day the drones strike? We'll wait for them, hovering in the sky and eyeing us in their cross eyes. Pin us at the forest ladder, it's here you'll find us, waiting at the bottom of the climbing tree. Won't help now, to go upwards, but it's good to know the option is there.

Boo Radley leaves us messages, tied on to the trees. I'm not sure what what they mean. Maybe save the lambs or there could be witches in the gap? We take them as a sign to turn down the hill and slide all the way into gulch, to be sure we won't be seen. Once again end up at the creek, and wait there to see if the rain will get harder or softer. It's dark down there in the rain, and quiet enough to not drown out the owls.

In general, the right time to go in is when the rain has begun. We all stay down in the gulch for a bit, then climb back to the top.

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