25 March 2013

Combining forces of double wonder twin powers to unite without confusing anybody.

Do you love Foxygen? I may be old and I may be a dog agility lady with uncool boots who has to wear glasses to read any kind of lettering, but I cannot deny my love of Foxygen. I can't stop the listening of them right now. In one ear and out the other and back in again in a totally different way.

I could explain what I think more about Foxygen, but I think you should just go buy their new album. They're extremely clear, but sort of confusing. They're familiar, but also strange. They're happy, but they're serious. They do old fashioned psychedelic sounds, but it comes out upside down.

Twisting classic grandpa rock so it comes out, whoaaa. You know what I mean? So at the same time you're hearing one thing, you're also hearing something else. Sonic wonder twin powers colliding. Like on the surface, how much same Gustavo and Otterpop share. Can't tell apart the overflowing, superblasting love joy of agility. On this they're of singular mind. Pyramid power. Dig. I watched this today when we practiced. Jumping around and that super rad joy joy blasting out their eyeballs and little legs. Donut spinning happy dance, lasting the exact 1 hour that we had on the field. Til none of us could run no more.

But within the genre of little black dogs, so very, very different. Like a warble of Bob Dylan and then there's a scream and the twangy organ comes back like David Bowie channeling Elton John channeling the Animals under the cover of some Rolling Stones.

How does it come that, with the same training, Otterpop turns super tight and reads my decel and can't get enough of her frisbee? Yet Gustavo only likes running in straight lines and freaks out when I try to turn him tight and won't bring back his toy. How come he gets so jacked up at a dog show that he speeds ultra fast to the point of phobia of laying down on the table, but Otterpop, whose stubby legs can beat his times in practice, stresses down lower than low in the show ring but flies onto that table like it will save her soul?

Otterpop sends out to any gamble you can dream up, for those of you who dream in gambles. Gustavo will only send that far to a teeter totter, which he will not perform in a show ring. But will suck across all known agility fields to throw down some serious see saw at warp speed. And runs his dogwalk super fast and hits the yellow flying. Where Otterpop sometimes jumps it and touches down on her target. And will not hold a startline ever. Where I can lead out forever and Gustavo stays put until I whisper, "ready ready ready go". Otterpop, who has been known to pop out of poles when they hit 11, where Gustavo, while he might miss an entry at top speed, will always worm his way through to the end.

The list goes on forever. But the party never ends. You would think there would be more sameness, dogs training under the thumb of my common denomination. Instead, it's a chaotic smashing of difference, all that comes from the same place. They're individuals, I understand this and accept it. We work on everybody's weaknesses, and celebrate the strengths. If there was just this way to merge their talents, mash them together, filleth the hole with someone else's overfloweth bounty? Wondertwin powers, activate. Crash around the atom particles and frankenform what is even more fabulous and new.


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Anonymous said...

Been eating the mushrooms from the forest again, have you?

Virginia in Texas (who wishes folks around here had your sense of humor about agility. The agility vampires here have sucked all the fun out of it.)

Elf said...

It is so TRUE about sameness yet differentness in agility dogs! Takes you to sort that all out for us. Foxygen reminds me too much of Doxygen, which is a good tool for generating reference documentation from C, C++, and Java source code, but it's not something I'd listen to outside of the work day.

Jenn said...

Gustavo's smile always makes me smile.