27 January 2013

All day jumpers and more jumpers then more jumpers day with Nancy.

We had an all day, all ladies lesson with Nancy on Sunday. I don't know how many runs we did. A lot. Like Laura's there. How many? A lot. A lot of jumpers then a lot of contacts then a lot of jumpers. Agility ladies in these parts are hardcore. I am tired. Otterpop subbed for Gustavo towards the end when he started to get tired. Otterpop hasn't run on a jumpers course in a long time, and she was happy to jump! Boy do I like running Otterpop. I think she was ready to run all day. Otterpop loves practicing as much as I do.

Gustavo had a good day. He got pretty pooped towards the end and lost some speed, but he never stopped trying hard. It is blowing my mind that he has been acting like a regular, good dog. We can work on normal problems like my inability to decel in the right place. We had a chance to redo the Team Jumpers fiasco from last weekend, which proved to still be a fiasco. A work in progress. We made errors, and I couldn't figure out which way to turn a few times, but it was the kind of day when everyone hopefully comes out turning a little bit tighter and running some better lines. And deceling in the right place.

A good way to spend a sunny Sunday.


jodi,eh? said...

I had to get past the green grass and blind cross staring before I could really settle in and watch you and Gustavo run. It's no wonder the Gus team placed so high in the top 10 USDAA jumpers class. You guys rock. We are stealing Nancy in March to the far North so you will be on your own for one week. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

team small dog said...

You can see though, that we did have to wear long sleeved shirts, as the temperatures were a brisk less than 60 degrees.

You will have to ask Nancy what she thinks of blind crossing. We have heard out here, in the west though, that it is becoming popular far to the north in the Canada. Here in our portion of the west, it is currently popular with pretty much me. I have just started demonstrating the fiascos it can cause in public. I likey.

Agility Foot said...

Laura, you guys look great. And you call poor Otterpop an asshole in your last post. She's such a good girl. I hope she can't read!
I'm also lovin' the blind crosses and am prepared to take the heat!!

team small dog said...

Aha there is blind crossing happening in Turlock!
If you would like Otterpop to come and live with you for a couple days, you may have a different opinion about Otterpop! We are all very lucky she can't read.

jodi,eh? said...

I feel terrible that you have to wear a cumbersome sweater.

Yes, Nancy will have to deal with the 3 Canucks doing blind crosses and one armed threadles. I know, very scandalous but I am ready to bust out, my friend. Wish I was there to support your blinds (and bask in your sweater wearing temperatures while I am at it)