28 January 2013

Walking towards the east, in my neighborhood.

Today I was only able to do things very slowly.

We walked down to the river. Not very fast. Then down the levee, then back up and around. We walked part of the route the way the junkies take. Those are some of the slow paths, a little bit out of the way. We disturbed these 2 guys, and the red headed one jumped up and put his hands up in the air. Like stick 'em up.

"Keep the dogs away! Keep the dogs away!"

"Dude. They're fine," I said, as I walked a little bit sideways away from them.

"Just kidding! Kidding! KIDDING!"

He started jumping in the air. His friend was sitting by a cement wall, sort of slumped down and not looking up. Empty pack of Camels laying on the sidewalk between us.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA!"

He was jumping and had those kinds of pants that guys wear around their hips, so that they're falling off with their underwear pulled up high. I still don't get those pants. You don't see them quite as much now, but you still do.

We just kept walking along and he kept jumping and laughing behind us.

1 comment:

Scott said...

Nice pictures:) It would have been cool if you could have gotten a pic of the guy with his britches falling down. I agree that the pants below the butt looks ridiculous.