22 December 2012

The holidays, and here they are.

Hello and how are your holidays shaping up?

Filled with light and bright and chestnuts that go pop-pop-pop?

Are you ring-ting-tingling too? Riding in a wonderland of snow while your friends are calling yoo-hoo?

Did you have your happy feeling yet, like nothing in the world could buy? While they were passing around the coffee and the pumpkin pie?

The perfect ending to the perfect day? And so forth? Currier and Ives? Farmer Gray's b-day bash?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Otterpop before her chestnut goes Pop-Pop-POP. Dog agility fans will recognize our festive holiday silver backdrop as what we all know as "shade cloth."

Let's just say this photo shoot was the extent of our Christmas decor this year. Maybe next year I can get it together?

We are excited to spend a couple days with family next week, and are happy when we all walk in the wind and the rain. There are frogs and bunnies in the bushes and the bobcat we saw last night stayed far enough away.

I am still drawing your dogs! I am taking a little break this weekend, and will start YOURS next week for real! We are so happy so many of you wanted your dog drawn, SO MANY of you! Thanks everyone, for ordering. I'll start taking new orders in January, if you missed out on the Black Friday special.

You know what we wrote inside my mom and dad's Christmas card? I bet some of you even saw it. With the awesome photo of my mom driving a go-kart and with my dad sitting on my Uncle Bill's convertible in 1962.

The world looks brighter from behind a smile.

You probably got one in there somewhere. Even if it's just because your Gustavo is really cute or your husband brings home Indian food or your Ruby is snoring or your Otterpop, um, is a brilliant right hand  man at all times willing to enforce all laws as she sees fit and keep the grounds safe from intruders including chickens from outside the perimeter fencing.

We really, really, really hope you all have Happy Holidays this year. Let's all try!



Also. P.S. I would NEVER. EVER. Use the colon-dash-parentheses to make a smile while typing. Bah humbug, smiley face typing makers. User yer damn real teeth. Or fake ones.



vici whisner said...

SMILE!! Good strategy.

Jenn said...

Bah humbug right back at yah!

: )

So there!

Anonymous said...

i recognized the shade cloth right away. good use of available resources. :)

Alaska said...

I am smiling, okay?

But I would smile even more if I could have that dogs-in-lights photo in the form of a card that I could stick on my refrigerator. For which I would donate real money. And you wouldn't have to draw my dogs whom you've never met. Just sayin'.

Have a merry one. We will probably pass each other unknowingly on a freeway somewhere sometime in the next week.

Sobaka said...

Love the photos, great decor. Who could need more? Except I highly recommend the jingle bell collar. Adds a festive note and helps in keeping track of mischief-makers. (If the jingling stops, they're probably up to no good.)

Happy holidays and safe travels!

Elf said...

What made me smile most was having a pleasant and calm and friendly afternoon with my family where chaos, for a change, didn't reign and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Priceless.

And :-) :-) :-) I avoid doing those only in business email. The rest of the world suffers.

Elf said...

P.S. I will be ordering a custom dog drawing the next chance I get to think again about what photo(s) to send you. I hate making decisions! But I knew I'd like what you came up with, and all the posted ones have more than confirmed that.

Jenn said...

Seeing your sketches starting to appear on blogs! So much fun!

andrea said...

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