12 November 2012

November when the sun goes down at the end of the day, too fast.

Otterpop didn't look this serious when we practiced today.

Neither did he. Today was weave pole bootcamp. Very hard drills with very fast poles. The hardest entries I could find with dogs blasting into them as fast as we could go. Guess who could do no wrong practicing with his poles today, he who missed entries 3 times over the weekend? He, as well as me, who made sure to do nothing weird today.

We had a very, very fun practice this morning. We hope that you did, too.


Elf said...

Cool photos. I did not practice. I am not competing again until February, so maybe I am just going to take a few practice months off.

Dang dogs and their weave poles.

Sobaka said...

That's a great photo of Gustavo, with the sunrise in the background. Otterpop looks a bit put out, but I love the pose.