13 November 2012

I stole this sentence: The exhaustion of ceaselessly dramatizing your own life while posing as someone who understands the fundamental emptiness and narcissism of that very self-dramatization, ouch.

Do you see how I am sitting in this photo? And how cute is my shirt?

Newsflash. A lifetime of riding horses for a living, and sitting with bad posture will hurt your back! Then you will do such things as hobble. Can't get out of the car! You are cursing loudly to no one in particular.

Here is how you might walk up the hill when it strikes. Shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle. Ow ow ow. What if you have a busy day that includes things such as riding the horses! Dragging around heavy items! Running with the dogs! Salsa dancing! Zumba! Yoga! Running in the forest! Dog agility! Dog agility! Dog agility!

Well, ha HA to you. Take that.

Hi everyone in my agility class! I am not there. I am at home with sad, weepy sore back of OUCH. GRoucH.


Elf said...

Ouch ouch ouch. I can so relate. I have had a very bad relationship with my back over the years. I spent several years on muscle relaxants and pain killers, and another year on disability because I couldn't sit and my job as a technical writer was hard to do without ever sitting, just standing or leaning against a wall or lying in bed crying and cursing the codeine for it to be not yet time to take the next one. Although I might look fit, I no longer offer to help set courses at agility trials or even turn the teeter around during class because I know that I will pay for it the next day. But my living wages don't depend on doing that. At least now I can sit down again.

I'm so sorry you're hurting and I hope it is better soon.

P.S. I think the sentence you stole is pretty cynical. I prefer "The unexamined life is not worth living," and if one is examining the philosophy and science and life of the world, one can't ignore one's own experiences in it.

Hmm, such a serious response I'm giving. Anyway, good luck.

Anonymous said...

We missed you in class last night. Hope you feel better very soon! -Karla

Jodi,eh? said...

Yer shirt is tres cute! Ice your back!

Jerry said...

I don't know about the shirt but I love your Uggs. Looks like the toe is blown out--sad. Losing your Uggs is almost as bad a losing a family member.

By the way, is that a pig?