27 November 2012

Channeling my inner vowel-less name, Lr Hrtwck.

When we practice without vowels, there is all kinds of awesome.

Otterpop, since her retirement, is out of control with awesome agility. Me and her, in secret, have been running fantastical FCI sequences in fantastical ways. This is our hobby and we like it very much. We run without vowels, and backwards sometimes.

Gustavo has his amazing moments then his moments of YikEs. He has vowels and straight lines most of the time. This weavepole entrance, as illustrated by ttrPp, can make him run away. I back chain it, I easify it, I add in all the vowels, but it still baffles him. We play a lot of Follow the Leader Weave Poles with ourselves.

We rarely would see this weave entrance, here in the USA of Northern California of USDAA. But we would like to always run like, no vowels.