24 October 2012

We finally had some rain.

We finally had some rain. I don't mind it too much when it rains, the beaches and forests are nearly deserted, which is just how we like them. I get wet at work anyways. What's the difference if I get wet before I get there?

You just have to keep moving. If you sit around, you get soggy and unpleasant. Just keep moving and you don't notice so much the wet. It was cruel of me to stay them. We got moving again just after this. Still able to get across the creek, we haven't had that much rain yet. I miss visiting the other side of the creek once it's winter.

I timed it just so, so that when we got back to the car, the sun showed up. I didn't really care though. Back inside the forest, where we walked with the rain, all we could hear were our footprints and the quiet sound the rain drops make hitting the redwoods.