17 October 2012

Utilizing friends and neighbors to help proof your dogwalk.

Friends should always help each other out. The other day, both of my dogs missed a dogwalk contact in a dog show. Usually they don't do this, we have all worked hard on the skill of feet running fast over that yellow paint. But behaviors can get rusty, and then, when you're least expecting it, splat. The wheels fall off at the dog show.

We recruited some locals to give us a hand with proofing. Shown here, from left to right, Bambi, Dasher and Dancer. Not shown are Rudolph, Prancer, and Fat Albert with his giant head of antlers. They also helped out, since it's useful to have some of the deer crashing around in the bushes while you're working on your dog walk contacts.

These 3 are sauntering to the end of the field. I am helping them learn the No Deer on the Grass rule by chasing them with a frisbee yelling, "SHOO! BAD DEER! GO HOME!"

Like they care. Sauntering. Suburban deer are pretty nonchalant about being chased by frisbee wielding photographers. Although deer are pretty dumb. They didn't even take a free tunnel on their way out and over the fence. Who passes that up?

Six deer in one practice, that's a first for us! There may have been some barking and quivering and a couple runs out to the fence, but the excellent hoo haa of agility practice trumps ambling deer families now. And there is a fence. I am happy there's a fence. We had all feet hitting yellow paint every time. Thanks Bambi and relatives for helping us out!


maryclover said...

Love this!

A moment of sharing. On a radio station yesterday a woman made an argument for moving the "Deer Crossing" signs from the busy parts of the highways to the less busy parts because this would be much safer for the deer. (I kid you not).

Maybe you could get a "No Deer Crossing" for the agility field. Suburban deer must be more educated than their country neighbors...right?

Anonymous said...

it looks like the grass is greener on the agility side of the fence.

Lynn Ungar said...

Just be glad the one with the antlers didn't take the tunnel.