01 September 2012

2012 USDAA Western Regional in Prunedale, California, the first couple-a days, a tale illustrated by many photos of people wearing cowboy hats.

Being a Western Regional, and all, everyone has been wearing cowboy finest. This here is Skippy and the Border Collie Ridin' Sock Monkey.

Everywhere you look, smiley cowboys. Cowgirls. No cows. Many dogs. Dogs from all over the darned place, not even just the West.

You know what is more fun than taking photos of agility?

Photos of people in cowboy outfitts.

Agility doesn't really have enough costumes. A lot of wicking fabrics, but I am always one for festive garments.

In agility terms, for team small dog, so far, not too sucky. We had a quiet day since we are just-saying-no to team at the moment. Gustavo won the local Steeplechase qualifier on Friday, and came in 3rd in the Saturday round, qualifying him to run in the finals on Sunday. Otterpop didn't run at all today, and just had a pretty darn mediocre pairs run yesterday with a very nice dog from Utah. Sorry for the mediocrity, pardner.

We'll see how the ups and downs that are Gustavo go for the rest of the show. He had a beautiful pairs run yesterday, but today had a meltdown on the startline of today's Steeplechase round.

I just turned tail and took off while he was fiddling around and he came with me and crisis averted enough to have a nice run. It is entirely possible this foreshadows impending disaster, or it's entirely possible that he'll be fine. Welcome to the mysterious spontaneity that is Gustavo.

A lot of the cowboys/cowgirls look like they're singing cowboy songs in my photos. I just noticed that. Real cowboys would probably not approve of the footwear. No boots. Sneakers only, both normal an the kind with all the toes.

Mary's team came in second place. Her hat vaguely qualifies as cowboy hat. And she gave up her spot to me with the massage lady. That's right. At our regional, there is a lady giving massages for $20. Does YOUR regional event have a massage lady? I'm going back for more tomorrow.

Ashley did not even TRY to wear a cowboy hat.

This is Wings and her 9 puppies waddling into a tunnel. She is a very fast waddler though, her puppies are learning to be super champs very early.

I am obsessed with this dog. Roo is pretty much the cutest dog ever. You can't tell because this is not a good photo. Usually I don't use bad photos but I really like Roo, trust me on her cuteness factor. Maybe I'll stalk her down tomorrow for some better photos. Or maybe I'll just focus on agility. Onward, wagon trains ho.


andrea said...

glad you are having fun - delighted Goo could leave his meltdown on the start line!

Elf said...

Best collection of regional cowboy hats ever!

Elf said...

These days, it is typically taking me 3 to 5 times to post a comment because I keep failing to match the characters in the Captcha. Either they're getting harder or my brain is getting fuzzier.

Tammy Moody said...

Where can I order one of your awesomely designed Bay Team shirts? I just saw one and I love it.

team small dog said...

Tammy! They were only available by pre-order! You missed the day I took a pre-order here to send out! These were a limited edition run. You will have to wait for next year's...or get something good to trade with one of the Oregon people for theirs!

Tammy Moody said...

Ohh, damn. Hmmm, who would give theirs up though? Maybe I'll make a plea for one. some one will certainly want to give me theirs. If you hear of anyone wanting to trade, send them my way.