02 September 2012

USDAA Western Regional, day 3, I think.

It's all kind of a blur now. It was a busy and long day and I ended up working every class, so there was no lollygaggying or gallavanting photo taking.

Steeplechase Finals involved a very exciting and dramatic off course tunnel. Yay Gustavo! Let's just say no one else figured out how to get to this off course tunnel. So that was a special moment. There will be videos. I wanted to win. But we got an E.

I will say he was fast and focused and running great, with that exception. Gave me a heart attack by not holding his startline on a pretty tricky start but we muddled through. With our E.

Jumpers also featured an off course tunnel. But according to reliable sources, I did some really crappy handling job right there in front of it.

Between me and him, I'm not sure we'll ever learn. I am trying. He is trying. He has been running beautifully all weekend, so I am choosing to focus on that. 

Focusing. Choosing. Hard to focus. Focusing on ice cream now.

Otterpop had a couple nice runs. She won gamblers, after a bit of a run in with an elderly, overzealous leash runner who dared enter her personal space bubble. Jeez, Otterpop. We had a fun standard run on an awesome course, although fast running can come with a price of a missed contact every once in a blue moon with her, and last night was  a blue moon. Oops. She has Grand Prix finals tomorrow, I hope she decides to be in a pleasant mood. 

I am working on not being embarrassed by suckiness in runs. Shaking it off. One more day to try harder tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Ice cream and grand prix finals to come, sounds like super-mega-awesome agility times to me! Wish we were there for cowgirl hats, crazy cool t-shirts, laughing a lot, and looking nervous in social situations, since I'm good at that.

Best of blue moon luck to You and The Otterpop tomorrow!

Jenn said...

Ah, leash runners. I ran leash a few times this weekend. You have to be SO patient with us, because even tho you've said (whatever your dog requires) a bazillion times, we still need to hear it (and sometimes again).

Meanwhile, poor Otterpop. Hard to have to tell folks not to step on your space bubble.

We ran indoor this weekend (in Phoenix) and I was a frustrated leash runner in that the photo/video crews were happily sitting. Which means I didn't notice I was crossing their path until I was in front of them. Oops. Disregard that huge blob that just walked through your lovely run. Sigh. Not my best side!

team small dog said...

I just try to stay far away from everybody when I run leashes! The same leash runner that Otterpop went off at once pulled a leash out from under Gustavo's butt while he was still sitting there! He is a very nice man though.

Tori you should have stayed out here for the Regional! You would have had so much fun, even with it's ups and downs it was a very fun weekend. I think you know lots of the California and Oregon and Washington people now-we had a good time!