26 August 2012

Getting ready for the Regionals.

This was our last weekend of USDAA before the Regionals.

Gustavo. WHAT A GOOD BOY! Check.

Otterpop. Got both her Gambles. Check.

Gustavo. Won both Masters Jumpers. Check.

Otterpop. Glimpes of old skool fast startline Otterpop. Check.

Gustavo. No stress. All focus. Zooming fast. Check.

Otterpop. Top Ten points for 1st and 2nds. Check.

Not that we don't have room for improvement. HA!

I made 3 handling errors that cost some Q's. Did the same thing with Gustavo in Steeplechase and Snooker-sending and running to a front cross position and not noticing that the send is still sending and sending and sending and then, tunnel. Bye!

What a relief. Handling errors? Thank god. After the ups and downs of weirdo that are Gustavo, I will take handling errors as a problem. I am still working on perfect. Somewhere in there, has to be a perfect?

Otterpop started the weekend fast and finished up medium. But I was happy that she was happy and she was happy that I was happy and so then there was frisbee.

The very limited runs plan seems to be working for both dogs. It's a little weird not entering every class, but what works, works. Maybe it won't keep working. I hope it does.

Also, I blind crossed out of tunnels exactly twice with Gustavo, twice with Otterpop, and once with Crash. There is no plague of diseased bats flapping around my head right now, and my legs didn't erupt with exploding pustules. Our Lord and Savior, Robert Downy Jr. may forsake me, but I think I am evolving into something new as a dog handler. Amen.

Save the best for last, Ruby, who has been of poor health recently, had a run this weekend in the Veterans Dog Honor Parade. Everyone brought their old dogs out for a little run over bars on the ground and a tunnel. Ruby has been waiting for her next turn now for years, and she finally got it.

Next weekend, Western Regionals. Yee haw and ho ho ho. Is Team Small Dog ready? Check.


Elf said...

What a great weekend you had, then! Congratulations! Good luck at the Regionals.

maryclover said...

Good luck and regionals! You have to be the best handler you possible can be. I'm sure that Robert Downey will understand and if he doesn't then sucks to be him (but not really because being him is probably pretty cool).

jodi, eh? said...

good luck at the Western Regionals...sounds like TSD is as ready as they'll ever be....kick some butt TSD!