31 July 2012

Sneak Peak at USDAA's newest controversy dujour-Gamblers now to feature hula hoops instead of boring old tape lines strapped across the grass, hopefully to be featured in the next Olympics instead of synchronized diving.

Here's the rules. You have 25 seconds for your opening on a 1-3-5-7 course. Weave poles are your 7 point obstacle. Yes, back to back contacts are just fine, but you may not go from contact to contact. Right. That would be dogwalk to teeter. You can't do that. How would you even do that on this course? No. Dogwalk to a-frame would also not be allowed. How would you even do that? Right. That is like a-frame and then a-frame again is ok. Yes. You could do the teeter totter and then do it again. That would sort of be like back to back.

If you have a running dogwalk, don't knock over the judge's beer while you're both running.

Also, the judge must be able to hula hoop.

Once your buzzer goes off, or everybody starts screaming "GET THE HULA HOOP!" or "HEY KOOLAID!" you have 15 seconds for the closing sequence. Which is to get to the hula hoops located conveniently near the teeter, and get your dog to do whatever obstacles you can while hula hooping. I mean the person. The dog doesn't have to hula hoop. Just do obstacles.

Everything is worth double points. So the weave poles are now worth 14 points. You must be making a good faith effort to hula hoop. Picking it up and throwing it at the crowd is not considered a good faith effort. Do NOT let your dog bite the hula hoop.

You can do as many tunnels as you want. For double points! Excellent!

If your dog has a re-occurring teeter totter fear, probably you should not attempt the teeter totter while hula hooping.

Or maybe you should. I don't know.

Jazz hands add extra flair and are highly recommended. You may get extra points for flair. I think there is a flair award.

You may lose points if you cause the judge to hyperventilate.

EVERYBODY can hula hoop.

All photos swiped from Lisa P.'s facebook. Thanks Lisa!


CA Pet Palace said...

Hey Laura, did they give you extra points for hula hooping while holding a frisbee? Definitely should have been bonus points.

Jenn said...

Aw, Mary. You look fantastic. This looks like so. much. fun.

I wanna play. I bet Mary'll kick my ass.