26 July 2012

See you there!

Well, my birthday didn't bring any new puppies or Scotty HiLander travel trailers or 2 months off work for me to drive to the top of Alaska and back. Or to a patch of desert land south of Death Valley. Or my own land patch above the Cloverdale road. Or a tractor. The things that modern girls' dreams are made of.

It is hard to celebrate much, in the middle of a busy week. Ruby, Gustavo and I all share the same birthday, along with our friends Susan Garrett and Mick Jagger. Some of us took a walk at o'early o'clock in the forest, when the light was gray and we kept eyes out for lions, that is a good way to start a day. No lions. No more dark clouds. We are suffering from that I AM SO BUSY-itis that everybody seems to have. That and flaky skin. Not Mick Jagger and Susan Garrett. They may be busy, but no flaky skin.

I do not want to have this or any other ailments. I want to sit on the grass for as long as I want and have time to hula hoop and draw things with pens. Drink some beer. Do some salsa dancing. Pet my dogs then run fast with them. Us people with the BUSY-itis don't ever, ever get to do this.

Or do we? I believe we do this weekend. And we will remember how this feels, and remember to make sure it happens more. See you there!


andrea said...

Have a blast - and happy belated birthday to y'all!

jodi, eh? said...

Wish that I was coming....
don't forget to stop and enjoy the small stuff and take your favourite pen.

Anonymous said...

birthdays can be dangerous. but not if you remember what jimmy buffet said. keep growing older but not up.