04 July 2012

Say hi to Ruby.

Ruby never has liked a spotlight on her. She flies under the radar. Even more so now that she doesn't hear anything. She can sometimes hear clapping if it echoes off walls. That's the best way to get her attention. Otherwise, you have to get in her sightline and wiggle your arms. Luckily we like to know where each other are so this keeps her from getting lost. It's easy to let Ruby fade behind the other dogs, she likes to keep to herself and do quiet projects off on her own or sleep away her days.

I don't think her eyes have deteriorated much in the last year. She doesn't see great, but she gets around remarkably well. Just not so much in the dark or real bright sun. And I've been giving her more and more agility turns, because we have a new way of doing agility now. Only tunnels and jump bars on the ground, where she runs her hardest. Showing a deaf dog with limited vision where to go, a very fun new challenge that we both like.

Ruby has never had any self preservation, that's what made agility hard when she was hitting everything, before I took her to the eye doctor. All her endless lamenesses, right now, a thing of the past. Because now that she doesn't bash into things, or through jumps, she doesn't hurt herself, knock on wood. Her new way of doing agility is fun for her again! Also she gets private frisbee games, no danger of her getting bashed by an incoming Otterpop or Gustavo.

Her best new party trick is her fancy dog show heeling. I don't think I'd ever compete in obedience, but we have a fun time marching around the field together. Very happy, bouncy heeling with occasional frisbee stealing. Ruby will now go back to her private life behind her veil of secrecy. Just wave at her next time you see her, though. And she can have a treat.


Meghan said...

Hi, Ruby!

gscindy said...

Hi Ruby!

Elf said...

Good old old dogs. Tika still thinks she's young and crazy, except when she doesn't. Maybe middle aged. A lot like me. She still loves to do tunnels at home; at trials, not too much. I see a rubyesque existence in her future. You make it sound quite nice and something to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

"Her new way of doing agility is fun for her again!"

Only a real agility champion could have made this happen.