05 July 2012

And how did you celebrate Fourth of July?

Here is where Gustavo is pretending to have a parade for 4th of July!

He is riding on the float with Otterpop! He is throwing you his Mardi Gras beads! Frothy beer is flowing! Party on Excellent Dudes! Ruby is all zen because no hearing for impending scaredyness being foreshadowed by festive holiday photoshoot. It is like she is relaxing at a spa where they decorate you with shiny tinsel made by tiny slave children in China to celebrate Independence of Walmarts!

Here they line up in their best militia style, and Gustavo has just realized, Oh. The old red-white-and-blue. The weaponry. Now is when they are going to shoot me and we will all be dead soon. And so we went home from work and turned up the stereo to very, very loud, howabout some Neil Young and Crazy Horse, and Gustavo shaked and shivered until the bombs stopped under dawn's early light.


andrea said...

neil young ....... yay for you

fireworks .... boo for you

cute festive costumes!

Anonymous said...

we spent the 4th of july taking refuge from the heat using a decadent level of a/c. it was 100 outside, with 1000% humidity. not my home place, but 2000 miles away with the best family in the world. they ate patriotic meats and i ate patriotic corn. marley hung out in the bathroom, since it offered the best protection in case the booming was armageddon. rita slept comfortably on the bed atop a pillow pile of her making. my smallest, really small natty screamed non stop in a valiant effort to send the boomers far away. not a bad 4th....
valpig -still not a robot, as proven by this comment

Barry Knister said...

Barry Knister said:
Since we live near Detroit, our border collie Chelsea, Barbara and I spend July 4 exactly where we spend News Years Eve. Under the bed.

KristineD said...

As a resident of Wisconsin, where rockets and mortars are sold at the top of every freeway exit ramp, the charge-fueled celebrations lasted the entire week.