10 July 2012

My husband bought a new bike.

He has a bunch of these, we had to build a shed on the back of the garage, long ago, to contain them. And their accessories. They have bits and pieces and gears and gadgets. They need many wheels and chainlinks and knick knacks and kabobs.

Oh and the shoes. You have to have right shoes. And a backpack to hold your water. And special light system if you ride in the forest at night. And sprockets. And handlegrips. And titanium carbon fibers because of the tweedle dees. And the right jacket for the right conditions and the jersey and the socks. Don't forget the socks.

It's technical.

Many times the answer involves technical.

I have one bike. It has hot rod flames painted on the seat and a basket on the back for Ruby. Sometimes I ride it with a flat tire. It's a good bike.

So he bought this new bike. Its a beauty, in it's special, technical way. I don't know what he spent, but it is a very handbuilt artisan hewn mixologist version of a bike. He treats it lovingly, spends as much time taking care of it, back there in the shed, feeding it and oiling it and adjusting it's adjusters with tiny little thingamajigs, well into the night.

So I mention this, because I heard a lot about this new bike before he added it into his pack. Much fanfare announcing it's impending sprockets. I can't really even count how many bikes he has already, I believe that some may have been cannibalized to clone limbs for their relatives, and there may be some hiding out in other places I don't even know about.

"So, since you got a new bike, maybe I should get a new dog?"

He didn't say anything. Silence of the lambs. When lambs are trying to decide, what is exactly the right answer here, that makes one not appear too sheepish, for perhaps adding on a family member that one doesn't necessarily NEED.

In his silence, I showed him how, if we just got rid of the kitchen/dining room/entry table, we could have a puppy pen, in case we got a new dog, and in case that new dog was a puppy. Which I think is an animal best held captive for a while.

Whoever needs tables anyways?

Then off he went, to ride up on to a mountain in the dark. Me and the dogs, and the old bikes left behind, we stayed here.

When he came home, he said that he doesn't like dogs that are too hairy. Or ones like Billy the farmer, missing fingers from a long ago incident with home made explosives, has running loose on his brussels sprout field. And that border collies don't fit in the living room.

Then back outside he went, to tend to his new best friend.


Anonymous said...

so your new puppy should be smooth and smaller than a bc. that leaves lots of options,

Meghan said...

The Governor and I have a similar deal but in our house it is new dog = new car. The current count is six dogs and four cars. And he went and got his race license. I think I know how this ends.

Amy Carlson said...

When my husband bought a plane I said I could them maybe have another dog. He pointed out that the plane doesn't live here and he only has to make a phone call to have it gassed up. I saw his point and since I don't have time for another dog at the moment I let that one go,........... for the moment. When the time comes, though, I am going to try to work that one. I sure don't think my three dogs cost what his plane costs him, but I pay for dog things in cash so I don't really know. NO records - for evidence.
I hope you get your puppy and are happily eating on the floor. You definitely don't need a table.

Jenn said...

oH mY.

Significant Other Mistake Number One.

(Mine said: You can go look at her. Ha! I'm going to 'look' at her... she's at the pound, she's mine. And we are living happily ever after. But. The man was stunned to see her when he came home. And she was sick. Did I mention sick? Keep her in a steam tent and thump her sides four or five times a day sick? Yeah. We got so lucky. And she LOVES agility. Lucky, lucky, lucky!)

liz said...

:) !!!!!

As far as I am concerned, that's a yes. You better run with it before he changes his mind.

My SO claims that our next dog will be "his turn" to choose. Hmmm. I am sure you know what I think about that. And yet, he also has a garage full of 2-wheeled things, all of which he hides out there with, tinkering and adjusting...

Does that mean I get to choose the next motorcycle/mtn bike/dirt jumper? Yay.

Unknown said...

That IS a YES!! Maybe he will want to name the new puppy? Always worked for me.

nosemovie said...

Maybe he's concerned that if the dog is too big (and too hairy) you'd have to change your blog name from Team Small Dog to something less catchy. I am concerned about that too.

Cedarfield said...

If it's not "NO!" then it's a yes. Congratulations!

Jodi, eh? said...

Yeah! Team Medium Dog!!!

maryclover said...

Mary, Pyr Sheps do not count as hairy. You can see their eyes.