18 June 2012

Memo from the office : what the dogs should do at work.

Oh, there is running. Very popular. If at all possible, hold a frisbee located in mouth while doing so. Stick or tennis ball will do in a pinch. Go fast! Go to the ditch! Come back!

Gopher eradication. Otterpop owns the gopher holes, please check with Otterpop if you are interested in excavating one out utilizing much teeth and paw claws. There are complicated security measures and passwords to acquire a hole and please remember that THESE BELONG TO Otterpop. It is general consensus that there are enough gophers for everyone, but current protocall involves THESE BELONG TO Otterpop.

Laying around in the shade. Very popular activity. Takes up most of the day. Two thumbs up. Highly recommended. Dog pen has very nice shady crates with dog beds for much sleeping. Sleeping on the job, two thumbs up!


Kristine said...

Those gophers, they are wiley! When I see this, I am kind of glad I no longer live in an area with those ground-digging rodents. I can only imagine how crazy my dog would be!

Lynn Ungar said...

My lawn could seriously use some gopher eradication, and the cats aren't getting the job done. Would Otterpop like to come visit?