19 June 2012

Because barn dogs need a dog barn.

The dogs' new barn has 5 stalls, of various sizes.

They spent all day trying them on to figure out which was their favorite. They love ALL the stalls.

Del built the barn. Just because he's Del.

The dogs LOVE the new barn. They will never want to hang out in a dog crate again.

This stall easily fits the whole team.

They can have all their friends over to visit. Lots of room for sleepovers!

Ruby napped away the afternoon in Stall 5. Very lucky dogs!


Greg S said...

very cool, I need the plans to build one!

team small dog said...

He just modeled this after another structure at our ranch and built it out of his head! He designed all the stalls based on the dogs that will live in the barn, although my dogs have taken it over as their own. It still needs shingles and paint. It was not a project for the faint of heart. It sure does put to shame our old ragtag collection of dog crates we had laying around. How did we ever get by without a dog barn?

andrea said...


Jenn said...


Amanda said...

Best dog barn EVAH. Seriously, it is adorable! Del could probably go into business making those for people.

Handsome Boy said...

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Andrea R. Williams said...

They are usually either curious or just a little excited with a new play friend coming around.
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