27 May 2012

Stick to the plan sticks.

Stick in the mud.

Stick 'em up.

Stick with it.


Elf said...

How many shots do you have to take to get such perfect ones? Have I asked that before? Because they're always so much fun and have action and personality and nice.

What I have to type this time to prove I'm human: "Ogistion Eusebius", which sounds like a good name for a rock band or a DAM team.

team small dog said...

Sometimes I take a lot and sometimes not too many. I just have my little camera that fits into my pocket and I like to edit out to just a select few that go together. Many times my very favorite photos I don't always use in here because they are a blurry tail or foot and they are just pictures I like. Usually my worst pictures are when I have something in mind and try to set it up. I used to work the exact same way when I took pictures with film. Digital cameras sure make me happy.

I am very guilty of putting them in photoshop though to get them just how I like them. So sometimes I can save a very crappy photo that I wished had been a good one with a lot of photoshop first aid.

Sometimes I think I would like a fancier camera but it would be so hard to carry it in my pocket and whip it out just when I want to.

Elf said...

I spend SO much time in photoshop. "Oh, great shot--except it's overexposed, should be cropped, not as sharp around the eyes as it should be, and there's a tree growing out of his head." Gah. I always try to take the perfect shot and avoid all that, but I never never never do. OK, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one trying to save the photo that should've been there. I also like the little fit-in-the-pocket camera for so many things. It's not perfect, but it's pretty darned good at what it does do.