26 May 2012

A little bit further, into the woods.

I will admit that I have not been telling you many tales as of late.

There has been a lot to listen to all the time. And if I'm busy listening to Things all the time, when am I going to listen to nothing?

Just stuff like what footfalls sound like where the sand turns to leaves.

Stuff like choking monkey sounds coming out of where the corpse moss hangs down and smothers out the light.

I just made that up, that it's corpse moss. Could you tell?

And doesn't Gustavo look like a tiny forest fox? He has been a real good dog, damn my agility loserdom hystronics all to hell. A-1, top quality dog.

I don't really have a plan right now. I am mostly just stepping along and listening to Things. Doing what they call nose to the grindstone and life goes on and who did she used to be? I will walk a little deeper into the woods next time, though, since the light is lasting longer up on top of the trees. And I won't hear you, only the choking monkey noises. Helicopter buzzing low across the far off ridge. Dog feet brushing fast along the trail. Probably through the poison oak.

All of our mouths, excepting Otterpop's, they're just staying shut so it's more quiet and then we only have to hear what's actually important. On point. And maybe that's when we'll get a plan.

Or maybe not.

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BlackWhite said...

I love the top photo. Gustavo looks so kingly, surveying his forest world.