17 April 2012

Practicing with the team.

Otterpop is getting all prepped for World Team Tryouts.

OK, not really. But we did practice with Rob the other day helping him get ready. Mostly by yelling "RUN! RUN! FASTER! FASTER! FASTER!" at the end of very fast running courses where you had to run extra fast and were probably already extra tired.

Otterpop is ready. Bring it on. She would like to fly on an airplane to a foreign country for some agility.

Gustavo, not quite yet. There is still a little bit too much quirkiness. And my ipad video editing skills magically obliterated his video. We did break some of the harder bits into practice chunks the next day, and work on that independent teeter totters and poles into nowhere skill and the fast, awkward backside jump from a running dogwalk contact. Success!

Here's Otterpop doing her fast running.

And here's Wings, showing us how it's supposed to look.

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