16 April 2012

Important Dog Agility news alert-how everything you know about Dog Agility can be applied to Salsa Dancing.

Recently a new dance craze hit the Santa Cruz Dog Agility Community and this dance craze is called Salsa Dancing.

We blame Mary on this, and we are now going to be dragging her to Intermediate Salsa Dance class on Friday night. Because downstairs from the Salsa Dance Ballroom are tacos and margaritas. And if you can stomach the bottom shelf tequila, it's quite a reasonable deal for a Friday night.

If you already know how to do Dog Agility, Salsa Dancing is a breeze! Just follow along with me.

Dog Agility Salsa Dance Basics:

Come-Sit-Stay=Listen to the Mans
In Salsa Dancing, if you are the Lady, you need to follow along with what the Man is doing. He is trying to lead you. Please listen and do not lead him. If you are a Lady and your Dog is the Dog, this will be very confusing. Do Not Kick your Mans or your Dog.

Fast Running=Sexy Leg
In Salsa Dancing, you need to use Sexy Leg. Do not Stomp. In the interest of niche hobby specialized footwear, you should probably have little grandma shoe sexy heels. Pretend you are running on one of those euro course bits where all of a sudden you need to run the entire length of the field to get to the dogwalk. Do not kick your Mans or your Dog.

Wishy washy pointy finger arm flailing=Strong Arms
In dog agility, flailing arms get you nowhere fast. Same thing in Salsa Dancing! You need strong arms which are not robot arms yet not floppy arms. Ask Wilmer what this means for more clarification. Do not hit your Mans or your Dog.

Front crossing=Sexy dance moves
In dog agility, you need to use your fancy footwork while running fast to get your dog around the course. In Salsa Dancing, you will turn, polish the halo, cross body, forward back spin nail in the shoe all on the 1-2-3-pause-5-6-7-pause beat. Fast beat. Now SPIN! Use your front cross hip bump in a more Beyonce fashion for extra Salsa Dancing mileage.

Skorts=Flirty dance skirt
There is a wide range of dog agility clothing, but there is only 1 piece that can carry over-the skort! There are skorts at salsa dancing and they should have ruffles! Do NOT wear goretex to Salsa Dancing.

Jazz Hands=Sexy fingers
Jazz hands can be used for dog agility, but do not help you get gambles. In Salsa Dancing, you need the sexy fingers. Flick your pony tail. You should not wear a baseball cap to Salsa Dancing, just as you would not wear your biggest and dangliest earrings to Dog Agility.

Dashed hopes and delusional thinking
This is exactly the same in Dog Agility as it is in Salsa Dancing! You will start out thinking you have all the moves down to excel with grace and awesomeness. The more you learn, the more you realize that this is delusional thinking and there is a distinct possibility that you actually suck. This is emphasized at Salsa Dancing when you are relegated to the wallflower chairs of shame where nobody asks you to dance once they've seen you out there on the dance floor. At least at Dog Agility, they still ask you to scribe or time or take out the garbage no matter how bad you screw up. Unlike dog agility though, there is a bar just downstairs at Salsa Dancing. Bonus points for this!

If you would like to join us for Dog Agility Salsa Dancing on Friday nights, I would say we are very easy to spot in the Salsa Dancing crowd, like stick out like a sore thumb kind of easy. But not for long! Thanks to delusional thinking, we hope to be World Team Salsa level by the Regionals and no more chairs of shame. Viva la Salsa Dancing!


team small dog said...

Um, Mary, let's be clear. Who started us out on this Salsa Dancing endeavor?

nosemovie said...

re: The more you learn, the more you realize that this is delusional thinking and there is a distinct possibility that you actually suck.

Thank you SO much for this. SOOOO much.

team small dog said...

Maybe this is one of those secret of life aha moments and no amount of mentalTM managementTM can really ever manage delusional thinking?

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