12 April 2012

A better idea for the USDAA Nationals, from yer pal, Otterpop.

Click-n-print and send to your Congresspeople and Senators. Send to Obama. Send to Mitt Romeny. Put the wheels of democracy back on the police cars and get these dogs to JAIL. Do it for Otterpop.


Tammy Moody said...

Freddie is okay with being banned, he wouldn't want to go to some event where all of his friends weren't invited anyway.

Mary said...

Luckily for me, Team Small Dog has pointed out the moral inconsistency of attending an event located in a breed-ist venue.

This means that our somewhat serious plans to attend USDAA Cynosport Games are cancelled, and we'll just go to Power Paws Camp, instead, again.

The entire county in which this year's USDAA finals will be held has strict breed-profiling policies that are enforced.

Any American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit-Bull Look-alike-too-much), can be picked up and incarcerated. Even if it is riding around in your car. Yesterday, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers; today, Pit Bulls; tomorrow....those vicious Papillons!

USDAA has arranged for separate-but-equal status for those few Pit Bullish types who compete. Supreme Court Challenge pending (well, not really).

Anyway, what kind of organization chooses a venue that will benefit from thousands and thousands of dog lover's money? If you go, be sure to buy your dog a hoodie to wear in solidarity!

I'm sure Team Small Dog has an attractive dog-hoodie warm-up suit in the works!


jodi, eh? said...

Ya-hoo! Power Paws Camp for all!

maryclover said...

Yay! Mary! You Rock! I'd like to say we are protesting as well, but Zane has had an early retirement (sucky disc disease or old car hitting injury). We are just pretending to protest. Solidarity! Power Paws Camp sounds divine!!

team small dog said...

At Otterpop's dream event, as the 16", 22" and 26" dogs are carted off, even Gustavo, who measures 11 15/16" goes to jail. Viva la Raza!

CA Pet Palace said...

I'm with you Otterpop! No more Tall to Small on Sunday afternoons when the small want to go home and have a long drive ahead! Small for All!!!! Don't let the big dogs play :) ~Remington

Lack of agility class has made him a little crabby and too full of energy ~ Remington's mom