11 April 2012

Do this with your Robot.

Robot is our friend on days I want to work on being far, far away from my dogs. You know Robot, it has been part of the team for a long time now. Robot is responsible for teaching Otterpop to be Jedi Master of Gambling, and Robot has been lately helping Gustavo learn to do things better when I am far, far away, which happens more by mistake with him. All of a sudden he's there, then he's not. We sure do work on him being close-by a lot more than far, but I figure he also has to have these skills no matter where I am.

Skills such as:

  • Getting in the weave poles when I have been left behind in the dust.
  • Going ahead on his running dogwalk or turning into a tunnel when I have been left behind in the dust.
  • Sticking that teeter totter contact until it BANGS when I have been left behind in the dust.

You get the picture. I am a fast runner but sometimes with Gustavo, I end up somewhere on course I didn't mean to be and he has to do things without me.

He is more than happy to practice with Robot. All Robot does is BEEP and hand out a measly little low value piece of boring, meat-free, crunchy dog treat. You would think Robot was handing out turquoise and gold skull rings and taxidermied mice heads wearing gossamer party hats hand inscribed by Keith Richards with the lyrics to Before They Make Me Run in blood from how the dogs attack Robot, but whatever.

Maybe you'll have some fun practicing this too!

Here's a video of Gustavo. Because he's cute.

1 comment:

nosemovie said...

Gustavo IS Certainly cute! and even with my limited eyesight I can watch him because his MASSIVE tails shows the way. :)