13 March 2012

Practice with the team-Monday's always fun day.

When I went out to practice today, all I knew was here was my list:

Gustavo needs to practice hard pole entries with me far away.
Gustavo needs to work on his cult like obsession with the teeter totter and holding on to that end without flying off.
Gustavo needs to practice some tables. And tunnel/a-frame discriminations. And running dogwalks. And threadles. And getting to the backside of a jump when he's going very fast because he's watching me. And tight serps.

Gustavo needs to practice a lot of things.

Otterpop? We just like to practice just cuz. Otterpop is rad.

So here's what we practiced on Monday Fun Day. Complete with soundtracks. Nothing fancy. Probably like what you work on, too. There is a lot of barking manic frisbee that goes along with these drills. Agility isn't agility unless everyone is loud and wild and crazy and ready to RUN!

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Bree Plude said...

Drills, drills, and more drills. Gustavo must be in great shape with all the workouts he goes through. Cool drawings, thanks for posting.