14 March 2012

Goal setting for achievement deficient handers.

Probably I should be digging up my entire yard, which isn't even big enough for jumps or weave poles, to plant foodstuffs. As you may recall, I started a succulent farm one time when dog agility really let me down. This seemed like the only solution at the time. I quickly grew tired of succulent farming, like within a couple of hours, but the fabulosity of succulents is that once you've created your clone babies from the torn limbs of donor plants, you stick 'em in anything and they thrive with zero care.

Instead of succulents, landowners and squatters alike should cultivate groupings of disease resistant dark green leafy vegetables, kept hidden from airborne drones by the whispering fingers of the banana leaves. As well as nuts, berries and stone fruits.

Goal setting involves preparing for one's best life ahead in the future. Future is supposed to be a happy place that hasn't happened yet. What level of peak performance to have by when so as to be ready for international competition. A goal is to fly on an airplane and run in a dog agility trial somewhere where English isn't spoken and you're not sure what you're eating although you know it comes with a beer. Except also, we'd like a tomato crop that is immune to the blight that will sweep the compound when the air finally turns black, once and for all, for good. When dog could also be on the menu. Neither has been accomplished and neither has a spreadsheet.


maryclover said...

Oh, sure you could be an over achiever and set goals for the future. I know someone who an make you a delightful spreadsheet if you think that is what it will take, but why not live in the now. Here is what I would like to accomplish today. Live your best life moment to moment accomplishing the small things which will bring bits of joy and help your bigger goal become a reality.

I don't know where that came from. I think I was channeling a dead philosopher. Off to plant succulents.

team small dog said...

If you don't have any well draining soil, just stick in some rocks. They don't care. Rocks and dirt and in go the succulents. Voila! They look awesome in the moment.

Chanel said...