19 March 2012

Important statistics from the weekend, presented here in their importance as important pie charts.

Amount of elderly ladies who wanted to pet Gustavo at the nursing home: 75%
Amount of elderly ladies said something like, "Get that thing away from me" which may have included frantic hand waving: 15%
Amount of elderly men who Gustavo was so happy to sit on lap with and hang out until it was time to go who we wished was our grandpa and we could go hang out with like every single day: 1%

Amount of videos video'ed during our champions practice with ipad: Oops

Amount of dogwalk contacts Gustavo missed during champions practice: Oops

Percentage of divorced ladies at champion practice: 50%
Percentage of men of dog agility at champion practice: 25%
Percentage of Laura: 25%

Amount of yelling during important Dream of the 90's planning board meeting where wine may have been served: 65%


Elf said...

Start-ups always involve a certain amount of hand-waving and sugar.

Tammy Moody said...

Was a manifesto written?

team small dog said...

Manifesto would probably be a generous term.