20 March 2012

Here is all about how happy I was yesterday.

I was happy that happy Gustavo could not miss a dogwalk contact or pole entrance, and could do these things running his very, very fastest when we practiced. And that Otterpop was happy which made her bark and run fast and stick on to her teeter totters and that Ruby was happy and did some tunnels without bashing into them.

And even though it was my day off, I was happy to go out to work afterwards because we were all so happy to see the sun.

But most of all, what made me happiest of all, like as happy as that little yellow bird that used to dance around on Snoopy's dog house until I guess Snoopy finally shot him for being so damn happy, was how happy I was when the damp, sandy, muddy, dirty, hairy dog filth got sucked away into the car wash shop vac and out of my car.


Jodi, eh? said...

You know what they say....a clean car is a clean mind!

nosemovie said...

Car Cleaning Zen