13 February 2012

Camper Van Beethoven and Dog Agility, 2 concepts possibly never mentioned in the same sentence until today.

I had thought to drive out after work on Saturday to run Steeplechase with the dogs at the end of the day, but then Camper Van Beethoven was playing at the Crepe Place and so how could I miss that?

We were all in college together. Now we are all old together. I don't think any of them do dog agility. They are all still playing though. Especially awesome when it's at the Crepe Place and sort of early and crepes with individual loaves of bread.

We are old.

So instead we got up dark and early the next morning and drove to Turlock for USDAA. I can still do this after a night of drinking beer. Dig.

So not THAT old.

The dogs were awesome. Gustavo was amazing. Lots of Q's and fast times and aside from not getting the gamble, didn't put a foot wrong. 2nd place in his Grand Prix. Every teeter, poles, contact, turn, spot on. He ran fast and tried his hardest every single moment. Best of all, he did a perfect table in Standard. Instead of finishing the run, I ran him out like he won the lottery so I could give him loads of rewards right away.

I honestly could care less about his Q's. The fact that he is running like this and thinking and focusing is blowing me away. I could just keel over from the happy of it all. Like a fainting goat.

These are the Fainting Goats. They opened for Camper. I don't think any of them do dog agility, either. But I cannot verify that fact.

Last year, I was close to giving up the idea that Gustavo could do agility. Never say never is all I can say. He feels like an experienced, Masters level dog right now. I just walk the course how I'd like to run it, and we run it together as fast as we can. His liver may never work great, but it's working enough now that he can think. He focuses and feels like my team mate. I am pretty lucky to do agility with such an amazing and happy little guy.

Otterpop was equally great. Her first run of the day had an uncharacteristic weirdo meltdown involving squirrels, we moved on, and after that, all fast startlines and great runs. She won her Grand Prix and loads of Q's. I am equally happy to have my old Otterpop back. As long as she's happy to run, I'm happy to run with her. I never know which Otterpop will arrive at the dog show, so every good run with her is a treat. I am pretty lucky to have an Otterpop. Not everybody might want one, but I sure do like her.

Camper was great too. Maybe they will take up agility one of these days. They did sing about Lassie going to the moon. Because her recall wasn't good enough. So it's probably only a matter of time.


Jodi, eh? said...

Celebrations from Canada to Team Small Dog!

Cedarfield said...

Awesome! That ones goes in the memory bank for sure, right?

Elf said...

I saw most of 3 of gustavo's runs! Wow, he's amazing when his brain is healthy! And he really does look like he's having a blast, running like the wind, covering the ground so fast all spread out!

nosemovie said...


Terry A said...

huge smile, wonderful gustavo! and a damn good otterpop as well. you sure deserve some runs like this, all of you.

andrea said...

Congats - nice to hear you so happy :)

Amanda said...

So happy for you and Gustavo's functioning brain! And fast Otterpop too--congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Champion practicing paying off is awesome!

Take the skinheads bowling.

Take them BOWLING!