09 February 2012

Running dogwalk perils and other stuff you can do in your spare time.

We have been working on totally mad, smokin' dog walk skillz.

Pretty much, if you have to run away from the dogwalk to run over:

<<< There

You better know your dog is going to hit that contact. AND be able to watch him hit it while you are running over:

<<< There

We have been practicing with our friend Robot for this. Don't forget to buy your Robot fresh batteries sometimes. Robot has gastrointestinal beepy blurps if it's batteries go stale and mouldering.

Gustavo is very excited to have Robot out again. We stuck Robot in the dungeon for a while and Robot was sad. Or just sleeping. Let's just say Robot was sleeping. When we got Robot out, much happy happy love fest of Robot attacking and Robot was happy and Gustavo was happy! Although Robot was blurpy the other day before we implanted it's new battery. And Gustavo is always happy. Gustavo doesn't much care if Robot works or not. Just to SEE ROBOT is enough maximum joy and helps for stunning contacts.

I am busting out with proudness of Gustavo's dogwalk contacts. They were looking a little shabby and now they aren't.

I would also like to tell you how many perfect recalls IN THE FOREST Gustavo has had in the last few weeks. All of them.

Three cheers for the Goo. No. Nine cheers for the Goo. No. ALL the cheers for the Goo!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Gooey! He's our hero.
from Team Medium Dog in NH

liz said...

Infinity Cheers for Goo!

I have a blurping robot as well. Though, technically I have given up on training a running dogwalk with my youngest victim, Robot will come in handy on the 'ol AFrame along with a multitude of other tasks.

Buying XXXL batteries is on my list of things to do this weekend...

team small dog said...

Buy an XXXXXXS battery too-blurping can come from slow death of the remote control battery!

Gooey hears the cheers! Instead of dead people!

Elf said...

AweSOME! On dogwalks and recalls! Some weeks it's just good to be you.

maryclover said...

Hip hip goo ray!!