04 January 2012

Team Small Dog's useful dog agility handling tips that are possibly useful in other situations besides dog agility except I'm not sure which ones.

Instructions for running a tricky bit of our course last night (where Spain is 2 and Germany is 3, for our purposes here):

Cross quite close to Spain.

Get to Germany.

Yes. The jumps are supposed to be that close together.

Ready with that stripper move, and stripper move to Germany.


Stripper Move! Stripper Move! STRIPPER MOVE!

If someone isn't getting it, just yell STRIPPER MOVE again, but louder.



Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish that I trialed in N. CA or that you drove around the country to trials. Thanks for always sharing the lighter side of agility.

team small dog said...

Boy would I love to drive around the country to trials-the Team Small Dog road trip!

Julia said...

LMAO - I need video !

Anonymous said...

road trip to denver in september?

team small dog said...

I think the Denver nationals would be a fun road trip but I don't think we're coming. Too much money! And having it in a city that bans pitbulls just really bums me out, I hate the thought of putting money into that city.

I would love to do an agility road trip but somehow CHEAPER. Or an airplane trip, I like flying with Otterpop on planes. These trips need to somehow cost nearly free though...I am working on ideas!

Jodi, eh? said...

You could be like our famous Canadian singer Jane Siberry (check out her song "Everything Reminds Me of My Dog") who only does concerts in people's houses. Folks house her and feed her, arrange the concert, and she shows up for a few days and then onto a new livingroom concert. She travels the world like that. You could come and be a guest agility instructor or competitor at different venues all over the world and we would feed and house you and Otterpop. You could sing too, if need be.

I am not happy about the breed ban in Denver and that the event is on Yom Kippur.

team small dog said...

Jodi I love this idea! This is words to an idea I have in my head. How could I use my unique skill set of mad, but unfortunately somewhat useless, skillz to take Otterpop on more airplanes? Or all the dogs on car rides to awesome, far off lands?

We are very conscientious houseguests and quite tidy. Although Otterpop is a little bit mean. She can be put in a container though.

I am not sure people would like me to come and give them an agility lesson. There are far better people that should be doing that. Or singing. I would be kicked out of everyone's house for doing that. So I have to find a mad skill that people would like me to come and do so I could travel the world with Otterpop.

Jodi, eh? said...

You could make all agility competitor's lessons more entertaining, like your blog does for us, like some kind of "guest" participant. You could do the stripper move when things get too stress-y when we do early front crosses and our instructor's yell at us.

People could put up doggie gates for Otterpop's mean antics instead of tupperware containers.

team small dog said...

Jodi you are my new manager!

maryclover said...

I might use my frequent flyer miles just to fly you to Chicago so you can demonstrate the stripper moves in person with an Otter-prop. We do have a big regional here sometimes. That might make it worth your while. Oh, and an extra bedroom.

Cheryl said...

Original Anonymous here, just realized I can write my name...Blaming cough meds.

Boo Denver! We're heading to Reno instead!

Anonymous said...

maybe you could do in home doggie portraits on ipad for rich agility competitors. or at trials for those who live in gnormous motor homes...

team small dog said...

Hmm isn't Chicago sort of near Canada??

I have to say, I did not invent stripper move. And it isn't even that exciting. I think that Terry in my agility class invented it. I was just the one that liked yelling STRIPPER MOVE every time somebody's dog took an off course jump.

I can't even remember why it's a stripper move. I guess because you sort of pat your ass and your leg. Do strippers even do that?

jodi, eh? said...

Chicago is 9hrs 13mins to Toronto. As you new manager,I'll tell ya that is kinda close for Canadian distances.

I kinda wondered why you didn't just send you dog to the other backside of the jump and then fx and then send your dog to the other backside and serp/rx but then again, that's not quite as sexy as the stripper move and you wouldn't have been able to yell anything funny to your buddies.

team small dog said...

These are all very good ideas, keep them coming!

So on stripper move sequence, sending to the backside on your left hand to Spain caused consistent off courses to jump 4 in all cases, for dogs large and small.

Front crossing off teeter, backside to Spain on right hand, stripper move not threadle to backside of Germany, then front cross again did the trick.

Alaska said...

I think the artists house tour to do iPad portraits of peoples' dogs has some merit. If you got free lodging along the way and enough money to pay for gas, would that make it work?

I think the art needs to be the main focus, but I could also see having an occasional guest class taught by TSD be an added attraction. You should focus on creating a fun class with goofy things to do rather than trying to compete with those other travelling dog seminarians you are thinking of. Make it be like the blog, something people come to for, as Anonymous #1 wrote, "the lighter side of agility."

I am still loving the Sylvia Trkman DVD you told us all to get. "Happy! Happy!" I yell as I force my way into the door at the end of the day through a crowd of manic, out of control dogs. (Before, I used to stand outside the door like FOREVER waiting for everyone to get into boring old sits.) Going the other direction, out for a walk, they still have to play Susan Garrett-y its-yer-choice games as I try to trick them into shooting out the open door before they hear the official release word, but once they're released, it's "Ida! Ida!" and another shot at Sylvia Trkman mayhem. I thank you for bringing this new element into our lives. I think with your creativity you could probably put together some kind of workshoppy thing aimed at catching serious agility people off guard and tricking them into having fun with their dogs in ways they had maybe not considered legitimate?

team small dog said...

Happy Happy! Awesome ideas!

Anonymous said...

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