03 January 2012

The team's first practice of the year 2012.

2012 is supposed to be the one of universal apocalypse, when the calendar blows itself up to smithereens and aliens take up residence in backyard sheds, disguised as bloated rats, posed to crawl across suburbia consuming the eyeballs of the unfortunate ones still left alive. Go figure, and prepare as best you can. My own personal year got off to an auspicious start, with a dog walk fiasco involving a sea chicken carcass and a perilously high cliff above a raging, churning sea. I restarted it though, within the requisite 12 hours of midnight, and am hoping to ward off the whole apocalypse thing by learning this year to fire a handgun and keeping a close eye on polar bears, Germany, and the skies above the desert.

I am superstitious about how the year starts, and those few minutes of mayhem where dogs were nearly swept off wave slick rocks because of the sad demise of an innocent sea chicken weren't in the plan. Part of being a champion though, is rapidly dusting off one's ass and moving on quickly so that disaster quickly becomes what happened in the past and looking ahead to a fresh start, just like how all the cupcake places frost the tops of cupcakes now, in a generous, buttery, smooth glop, smack in the middle in any color you can think of.

I have big plans for this year. I have code words that I am playing over and over again in my brain. I think it would jinx them if I spoke them loud enough for you to hear, or wrote them down where the internet could see. Everybody should probably have some secret words.

Me, Mary and my friend ipad practiced together on Monday. I have been sick, and my brain had no ability to plan drills. Thinking through a cold is hard, and running even harder. But we ran some courses anyways, and practiced videoing them. Here they are, far from perfect, but a good way to start out the year. We are ready for you, Year 2012. Here we go.

Otterpop on her course. I don't care if she starts out naughty, I just don't.

Gustavo runs his. Shame you can't see his flawless table, hidden for 5 glorious counts behind the a-frame.


nosemovie said...

Wooot! G's tail gets me every time. It's like it has a personality of its own.

shawn said...

I'm glad you were able to restart 2012 and no one got swept into the ocean. What's a sea chicken??

Anonymous said...

Was that monkey barking at the start of the first video?

team small dog said...

Gustavo's tail is pretty much the same size as his body, it looks like it's chasing him. I am really not sure he is a dog...

A sea chicken is an unspecified large size sea bird. Sea chicken covers the gamut.

That is monkey screaming! I hadn't watched it with the sound on! Better with the sound off. He has gotten pretty good about being quiet during agility EXCEPT when I am running Otterpop or any other dogs. Such is life. I like it better with the sound off.