24 January 2012

Team Small Dog re-enacts the 3 recent Republican Presidential Primaries because political race re-enactments are way funner than boring beach stick.

"Hey Otterpop, instead of just playing some dumb game with the stick, why don't you get the dogs to pose as Republican presidential candidates?"

Otterpop is always game for something. I'm not sure she even knew what this meant, but all those guys all have slightly different hair, loud voices and excellent posture, just like Team Small Dog. So shouldn't be that hard to line 'em up.

From left to right: Rick, Newt, Mitt

From left to right: Mitt, Newt, Rick

From left to right: Newt, Mitt, Rick

This game made Ruby cry. She wanted to be Courtney Cox, not Mitt. Then Gustavo ate a starfish and Otterpop started telling everybody she was Sarah Palin and when I tried to tell her she's not even running she went and hid her stick in a sea cave and barked at it for like 10 minutes until I made everybody leave because, poor Ruby. We totally traumatized her. Big game fail. Next re-enactment we just stick with something easier like be whichever kid from Fat Albert you want or heroic nurses of the Civil War.

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Elf said...

I think even the republican candidates are unhappy with their roles and would rather be Courtney Cox. I think this was a very accurate reproduction of reality.