23 January 2012

Team Small Dog goes to a dog show-Santa Rosa Bayteam January USDAA, with extra added bonus movies.

The only bad part of the dog show on Sunday was where I almost fell asleep driving home in torrential rain and had to pull over to find a double shot of espresso before I could go another mile. Usually when I drive home, I stop and get a Starbucks at the start of my journey but I was thinking that Zumba and Bootcamp classes at the gym might trump caffeine and my cores of steel would keep me awake.

No such luck. This is not the job of cores. I guess I'm not used to those 4:30am starts to long days of dog shows anymore, it's been quite a while since we've done that. Out of practice.

The dogs were awesome. Truly the best they have been in a long, long time. Otterpop FLEW off every startline, no weird stink eyes at the judge or paranoid backwards glances. Just happy running with fast, competitive times again. She had a GREAT time and nothing weird except some crummy handling on my part that caused a refusal on her jumpers run and sending her TOO FAR AWAY on a gamble. I was SO HAPPY to have my Otterpop back, and then some! Hooray for Otterpop!

Not sure why she was in such a great mood, but I'll take it. Maybe because they stayed in the car all day? It was cold and raining and we parked in a sheep barn. Sans sheep. We got sent home with a big fancy ribbon with her name on it from her PDCh last year. She just wanted her frisbee.

That's my shoe. I really like those shoes. They have big holes in them, though. But I still wear 'em.

Gustavo wins a freaking medal. We had listening and we had teamwork, all at the same time. He could not put a foot wrong. Well, not very wrong. He ran a beautiful standard, not perfect due to the table snafu, which is captured here in all it's Gustavoness. And a bit of a flakey teeter totter. But how could I be sad over those? He focused with all his might, every single run.

His jumpers was a thing of beauty. Also, doesn't it look like I'm wearing jammies? That's my sporty pants outfit.

He ran a perfect pairs, usually I don't even enter him in pairs thinking not to burden a partner with potential maelstrom of insane weirdo vortexes, but I am thinking 2012 is where I just go, whatever, and run him. So we did, and his partner E'd, not him.

His gamblers, lovely except didn't carry out to the first part of the gamble, so that was that. Maybe a couple wide turns, until the end starting into the gamble. Honestly, at this point in his life, if he is sticking close to me and making a tight turn, I just can't worry about it that much.

So was it the practicing we've been doing? Maturity? Stockholm syndrome from being held prisoner in the car all day? I dunno. But we sure did have a fun day running.


Jodi, eh? said...

What's with the parkas and hats? You may as well be in Canada with that gear, you'd at least have free health care! Nice runs Team Small Dog! Your new abs of steel look good, under your jammies.

Amanda said...

Nice runs! Also yay for stopping for a double espresso so we can continue to enjoy the awesomeness that is the TSD blog.

Terry A said...

That G., what a rock star! The quick black fox jumped over the bright yellow wing!

nosemovie said...

I think it's your awesome and developed cores that are flipping the switch for the dogs. They're all "Wow! she's running like a mad woman! Keep up with her!"

And so it goes.