28 January 2012

Running around in circles at the puddle.

Some days, when I am very, very tired, we go walk around once out to the whale skeletons and then spend some time at the puddle.

It's modest, that puddle, but there's something for everyone there.

Although, the puddle can feel like a cop out. Non committal. Skirting the issue. Could be somewhere bigger. Better. A mountain that's higher, a river that's way wider, a spectacular, low tide sea. No one living up to their potential there. Just running around the damn puddle because it's easy.

Not sure where you draw the line in the sand between lazy, underachieving, slacker, and apathetic. It's blurry, that line. Maybe there's some grandeur in shitty little things, or maybe not.

The thing is, we're pretty ok running around out at that puddle. We have a good time. And then we walk home and maybe watch tv and then go to sleep.

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vici whisner said...

Some days are just puddle days.